Early Access Patch

Minor Changes And Quality Of Life Improvements



• Blind has been recolored from white to black. We will eventually add an option to recolor this back to white.


Account Creation

• Now available 24/7.

• Now states that you need 8 characters for your password, otherwise the REGISTER button was grayed out.

• Now addresses an issue EU players were encountering with being unable to enter @ in the e-mail field.



• Greeting changed when servers are offline for maintenance.

• Now includes our social media.


Balance Changes


• Annihilate base damage reduced from 1557 to 1510.

• Murderous Instincts Power reduced from 14% to 12%.

(Tooltip fix) Annihilate said that it was dealing 2% of maximum health per status when it really was doing 1%. The tooltip now reads as 1%.



• Mind Leech damage per tick increased from 243 to 298.

• Shadow Affinity base healing increased from 2824 to 2897.

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