Major New Content and Features

• Added two more ability slots to the game. The default hotkeys are 7 and 8 respectively.



Developer Comments: Additional ability slots presents players with more options during battle while also allowing your team to better prepare for unfavorable match-ups without sacrificing critical abilities of your core class kit.

Currently we feel like some spells are compacted with fragments of several design ideas to make them practical and usable. With more ability slots we can create much more interesting and niche spells that would’ve otherwise been difficult for players to practically incorporate in their kits.


• Added a Trinket item slot to all characters. Default activation hotkey is R.

• Added Trinket of Resolve item to the game.

Activate:  Removes all movement impairing and disabling Effects from you. Can be used while disabled. Has a 90 second Cooldown.


Developer Comments: This addition provides counterplay to crowd control while also promoting more thought when using disabling abilities. Adding this extra layer of utility will give players an active option when being controlled or stunlocked, keeping games interesting with a diverse set of outcomes as a result of your action or inaction. We want to explore the use of Trinkets in the future and we feel that Trinket of Resolve will be an improvement to game depth.


New Mystic Spell Light’s Wrath (formerly Wizard Blinding Glare).

• New Assassin ability Poisoned Blades.

• Sudden Death now also amplifies damage received by 20/30/40%.

• Sudden Death damage per stage changed from 2.5%/5%/10% of maximum health every second to 1.5%/3%/4.5%.


Balance Changes


• Added new passive ability Poisoned Blades.

• Bandage now costs 0 energy.

• Slash now has a 20% chance to refund the casting cost on use.

• Whirling Knives no longer has a chance to apply Poison. Now always applies Bleeding.



• Enrage now generates 25 Rage (up from 10) on use.

• Intimidation now slows by 5% and

• Resounding Warcry now has a 9 second cooldown. Lasts 4 seconds. Weaken and Slow increased from 15% to 20%. Costs 0 Rage and generates 15 Rage instead.

• Whirlwind now costs 0 Rage. Cooldown increased from 3 to 8 seconds. Now generates Rage equal to a 1% of the damage dealt.



• Grasping Vines damage threshold increased from 15% to 25%. Cast time increased from instant to .75 seconds.

• Spirit Wolf mana cost reduced from 195 to 30.



• Death’s Grasp cooldown increased from 13 to 16 seconds. Mana cost increased from 230 to 280.

• Nether Bolt now consumes all debuffs you have on the target. Damage per debuff increased from 183 to 256. Mana cost increased from 225 to 285.

• Parasite has been reworked. Now steals 276 Health whenever target player uses an ability. Cooldown decreased from 7 to 0 seconds. Mana cost increased from 220 to 250.

• Sacrifice Soul now restores 12% mana in exchange for 15% health. Increases power by 5% for 5 seconds (down from 8 seconds).

• Torment duration decreased from 10 to 8 seconds.



• Aegis cooldown reduced from 13 to 12 seconds.

• Astral Shock cost increased from 200 to 215.

• Blessing of the Sun and Moon cooldown reduced from 6 to 3 seconds. Duration reduced from 7 to 6 seconds. Mana cost increased from 230 to 265.

• Disenchant cooldown reduced from 30 to 0 seconds. Now removes 2 Buffs instead of all debuffs.

• Dream of Prosperity cooldown reduced from 5 to 0 seconds. Healing reduced from 1553 to 1379.

• Healing Vision mana cost increased from 230 to 280.

• Mana Tap mana cost increased from 175 to 220.

• Spirit Form now heals for 756 when it ends.



• Mind Leech Mana cost increased from 255 to 265.

• Lingering Demise Mana cost increased from 240 to 275.

• Rockslide damage increased from 1170 to 1216. Cooldown increased from 11 to 14 seconds. Mana cost increased from 250 to 270.

• Siphon mana now also deals damage equal to the mana burned. Mana cost increased from 200 to 240. Cooldown increased from 10 to 12 seconds.

• Shadow Affinity Mana cost increased from 270 to 290.

• Spell Breaker now also provides immunity to all slows and crowd control effects. Duration reduced from 5 to 4 seconds. Mana cost increased from 250 to 285. Cooldown increased from 13 to 18 seconds.



• Angelic Strike damage increased from cooldown increased from 689 to 1120. Cooldown increased from 4 to 12 seconds.

• Divine Light Mana cost decreased from 335 to 300. Mana amount restored if the target has Grace reduced from 140 to 120.

• Heavens Strike cast time is now instant (again). Shock duration decreased from 3 to 2 seconds. Mana cost increased from 265 to 285.

• Immortality bonus healing received reduced from 20% to 10%. Cooldown increased from 35 to 45 seconds.

• Sear base damage increased from 886 to 991. Slow increased from 20% to 35%.



• Poisonous Shot damage decreased from 837 to 684. Now has a 25% chance to apply Infection for 2 seconds.

• Silencing Shot duration of Silence decreased from 2 to 1.5 seconds.



• Gospel of Defiance Duration reduced from 8 to 6 seconds. Cooldown reduced from 8 to 6 seconds.

• Gospel of Harmony initial heal reduced from 1134 to 1066. Duration reduced from 8 to 6 seconds. Cooldown reduced from 8 to 6 seconds.

• Gospel of Onslaught Power reduced from 25% to 12%.

• Immortality bonus healing received reduced from 20% to 10%. Cooldown increased from 35 to 45 seconds.

• Rite of Passage healing per tick increased from 215 to 295. Duration reduced from 8 to 6 seconds. Cooldown reduced from 14 to 12 seconds.

• Silence is no longer global and is no longer off GCD. Duration increased from 1 to 2 seconds. Cooldown increased from 25 to 30 seconds.

• Truth amount of resource restored on proc reduced from 80 to 40. Now also restores 65 Health on proc.



• Sheepify duration increased from 2.5 to 3 seconds. Cooldown increased from 14 to 16 seconds.

• Shock Nova cooldown increased from 2 to 3 seconds.


Minor Changes And Quality Of Life Improvements

• Cleaned up the UI when in-game. Spell Bar should feel a bit easier to read.

• There is now a sound effect for when you are interrupted.


Bug Fixes

• Fixed a bug that was causing Mark of Death to deal the top end damage when it should’ve been dealing the low end damage and vice versa

• Fixed a bug that caused Champion’s Enduring Warcry to not display combat text for the caster.

• Fixed a bug that caused Champion’s Enduring Warcry to log healing credit for other players.

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