Patch QA

Balance Changes

• Basic attacks on characters with mana now give 0.5% of maximum mana plus 0.5% of missing mana.



• Enrage Amplify reduced from 30% to 25%. Now Generates rage equal to 1% of damage dealt. No longer generates Rage on taking damage taken.

• Intimidation now also lowers movement speed of affected enemies by 8%.

• Slashing Strike now has a 20% chance to apply Bloodthirst to the casting champion. Bloodthirst: Heals champion for 8% of all damage dealt by bleeding. Lasts 6 seconds.

• Whirlwind now costs 30 rage instead of generating rage. Damage per instance reduced from 780 to 723. Cooldown reduced from 10 to 5.



• Corrosive asp damage increased from 834 to 1038.



• Parasite: fixed a bug that allowed parasite to be cast while moving.



• Astral Shock now has a 20% chance to apply Stun for 1 second.

• Dream of Prosperity reworked: Applies Dream of Prosperity to target ally for 7 seconds with 4 bounce charges. Dream of Prosperity: Upon receiving at least 450 damage, heals for 1200 and Dream of Prosperity bounces to the nearest, lowest health other ally within 100 yards. If there are no valid targets for a bounce, Dream of Prosperity expires.

• Light’s Wrath damage increased from 949 to  1246. Now also applies Hobble for 3 seconds. Cooldown increased from 0 to 4 seconds.



• Blink mana cost reduced from 300 to 200.

• Infuse no longer ignores global cooldown.

• Lingering demise damage increased from 309 to 344 per second active.

• Mind Leech Now deals 213 damage per second. No longer steals health. Instead heals for 10% of damage dealt. Has double the effect for casting nihilist.

• All orbs now ignore global cooldown.

• Orb of Replenishment cooldown increased from 0 to 1 second.

• Orb of Smoke damage increased from 315 to 414.

• Orb of Wisdom base mana restored reduced from 100 to 50. Bonus mana reduced from 25 to 15. Cooldown reduced from 40 seconds to 16 seconds.

• Rockslide cooldown reduced from 14 to 12 seconds.

• Siphon Mana now also burns 0.8% of target’s current mana every second.

• Spell breaker duration increased from 4 to 5 seconds.



• Divine Light healing done and mana cost increased by 6%. Heals an additional 220 if target is affected by Grace.

• Prudence now returns mana when allies deal damage to affected target.

• Heaven’s Guidance duration increased from 10 to 15 seconds.

• Wrath of Heaven damage increased from 928 to 984.



• Hobbling Arrow energy cost reduced from 40 to 35.


Bug Fixes

• Elder Seed of Life could rarely bounce to the same ally twice (doing some unintended big healing)

• Nihilist Siphon Mana correctly deals damage when mana is burned.

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