Patch QA

Balance Changes



• Inspiration now restores 45 Mana plus an additional 3% of missing Mana per second.



• Sigil: Crusaders Fury base damage decreased from 77 to 67. Now also reduces healing done by Divine Light by 20% when active.

• Wrath of Heaven base damage decreased by 8%.



• Fireball Burning duration reduced from 2 to 1 second. Base damage increased by 7%.


Bug Fixes

• Added a loading screen between games to reduce WebGL errors causing black screens.

• Fixed a bug that caused a client crash that occurred the end of a game if a party member logged out during the middle of a game.

• Fixed a bug that caused the debuff divider to be rendered as a black box sometimes (which was causing lots the 256 logging “RENDER WARNING: there is no texture bound to the unit 0”).

• Added improved protection for Arena loading to reduce the chance of loading into an incorrect environment.

• Improved Login Server crash protection on user disconnects.

• Fixed a bug that caused the Game Server to crash if using Eye of the Storm on an area where no players are standing.

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