Patch QA

Balance Changes

• Status ailments no longer tick instantly when reapplied.

• Effects now tick (correctly) if they are reapplied when they should tick. For example, when sitting in Armageddon the Burning tick now deals damage.



• Annihilate damage bonus damage with stealth increased from 200 to 250. Cooldown reduced from 4 to 0 seconds.

• Bandage damage threshold increased from 500 to 750. Initial healing increased from 838 to 1130.

• Poisoned Blades proc chance increased from 18% to 25% and 12 to 20% respectively.

• Shroud now also provides Immunity to movement impairing effects.

• Slash base damage increased by 4%.

• Stealth damage threshold increased from 500 to 750.

• Murderous Instincts now also restores 10 Energy per second while active. Power reduced from 17% to 14%. Cooldown increased from 35 to 45 seconds.



• Armor Break reduction increased from 15% to 20%. Cooldown reduced from 3 to 0 seconds.

• Enrage damage received amplify reduced from 30% to 20%.

• Lacerate cooldown reduced from 6 to 5 seconds. Infection duration increased from 6 to 8 seconds.

• Slashing Strike base damage increased by 8%. Bloodthirst healing increased from 15% to 20%.

• Master of the Sword damage dealt reduced from 50% to 25%. Damage reduction increased from 40% to 50%. Cooldown increased from 30 to 45 seconds.

• Sprint now heals for 5% max hp instantly and each second after. Heals for 1% less each tick.

• Whirlwind now also applies Incapacitate for 0.8 seconds to all enemies around you.



• Remedy cooldown increased from 8 to 10 seconds.

• Fixed a bug that caused Mending Spirit to heal for 1252 instead of 851 when reapplied.



• Acid Rain damage per tick increased by 6%.

• Deaths Grasp now has a 25 yard AoE and the immobilize duration has been increased from 1 to 2 seconds. Cooldown increased from 16 to 25 seconds.

• Miasma is no longer AoE. Now also applies Silence to target enemy for 2.2 seconds upon expiring.

• Nether Bolt no longer consumes debuffs. Bonus damage per debuff decreased by 50%.

• Poison Nova base damage reduced by 30%. Now also deals 6% of current health. Now heals for 254 (amount is doubled if the enemy was suffering from Poison).

• Terrify cast time reduced from 1.0 to .75 seconds. Cooldown reduced from 7 to 6 seconds. Fear duration reduced from 2.2 to 2.0 seconds.

• Underworld Armor duration is now correctly 12 seconds (was 14). Armor component reduced from 336 to 292. Now also provides 3% Lifesteal.



• Base mana increased from 4500 to 4800.

• Astral Shock base damage reduced by 10%. Now also interrupts target enemy for 1 second.

• Bug: Aegis doesn’t block CC of target player but instead only the casting mystic.

• Blessing Sun and Moon healing per tick increased by 4%.

• Divination has been reworked: 20 second cooldown, instant cast, off GCD. Causes your next damaging, healing, or protective spell to be empowered, causing it to be 25% more effective while also refunding 200% of the Mana cost to the Mystic.

  • Further explanation: Mana Tap can be empowered to burn more resource, Temporal Barrier can be empowered to shield more and also restore more mana if the shield breaks, Dream of Prosperity can be empowered to heal more throughout all bounces, etc.).

• Dream of Prosperity radius increased from 65 to 75 yards. Healing per bounce increased by 2%.

• Healing Vision base healing increased by 1%.



• Infuse base healing increased by 5%.

• Karma cast time increased from instant to 1 second, no longer steals life immediately. Duration increased from 4 to 7 seconds.

• Lingering Demise now has a 100% critical strike chance on targets below 25%. Cooldown reduced from 16 to 12 seconds.

• Mind Leech now also heals all allies for 486 if it expired naturally.

• Orb radiuses increased from 35 to 45 yards.

  • Further Explanation: Orbs now display as a buff (although they are still not dispellable) to provide better feedback for whether or not you are in range. Durations displayed on these buffs match the remaining alive time of the Orb.

• Orb of Replenishment healing per tick increased by 8%. Cooldown increased from 6 to 8 seconds.

• Orb of Smoke has been reworked: now increases Power by 72, critical strike chance by 6%, and provides 3% Lifesteal.

• Siphon Mana amount burned per tick increased from 0.8% to 1%. Now also deals damage equal to 4% of amount burned.

• Shadow Affinity base healing increased by 2%. No longer increases Power, now provides 7% Lifesteal.

• Spell Breaker now also provides 4% Lifesteal.



• Angelic Strike proc chance increased from 15% to 30%. Cooldown increased from 0 to 3 seconds.

• Crusaders Fury base damage increased from 67 to 76.

• Divine Light no longer provides bonus healing to allies with Grace. Divine Light Base healing reduced by 7%. Grace duration reduced from 6 to 3 seconds.

• Heavens Guidance base healing increased from 15% to 22%. After casting Sigil: Heavens Guidance, your next Divine Light or Cleanse will be cast upon all of your allies but heal for 25% less.

• Holy Nova base damage and healing reduced by 4%.

• Immorality cooldown increased from 45 to 60 seconds.

• Stream of Light now also refunds 3% of your missing Mana when used on an ally with Grace. Base healing reduced by 4%. Cooldown reduced from 5 to 3 seconds.



• Head Shot damage increased by 6%.

• Lightning Arrow damage increased by 14%.

• Mark of Death radius increased from 50 to 150. Now only applies to enemies below 25% health. Now provides a flat 8% damage amplify to the target.

• Rain of Arrows damage per tick increased by 8%.

• Silencing Shot bonus damage on interrupt has been doubled.



• Gospel of Onslaught Power reduced from 25% to 18%.

• Immorality cooldown increased from 45 to 60 seconds.

• Judgement has been reworked: instant cast, no cooldown. Deals 746 magic damage and has a 20% chance to apply Blind for 2 seconds. Deals  an additional 214 magic damage every second for 3 seconds.

• Life Burst has been reworked: instant cast, 3 second cooldown. Causes the next source of damage that would deal more than 400 to be absorbed and instead heal for 1429.

• Portal cooldown reduced from 16 to 5 seconds. Mana cost increased from 300 to 520.

• Silence cast time reduced from 1 to instant. Duration reduced from 2.7 to 2.5 seconds.

• Transfer Life base healing reduced by 3%. Health sacrificed/transferred increased from 5% to 8%.



• Crystallize cooldown increased from 45 to 60 seconds.

• Fireball Burning duration increased from 1 to 2 seconds.

• Geyser now also removes Burning from allies in the area.

• Master of Magic cooldown reduced from 15 to 12 seconds. (We have a big rework coming for this spell, so this is just temporary to improve the viability)

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