PTR Patch

Balance Changes



We want Assassin to be a bigger single target threat and less of a Whirling Knives spammer. Casters should feel in danger when there is an Assassin sticking on them with its deadly blades. We feel that’s been lacking a bit and these changes will bring us closer to that design.

About Dash; we feel as though this ability provides lots of great utility as-is (+armor, +energy regen, +burst speed all while being on a short 9 second cooldown). We want Assassin to feel elusive yet calculated with its cooldown usage, and this cherry on top took away from the intentions of Disappearing Act, Shroud (both remove all slows and roots), as well as a desired and consequential dispelling interaction we want dps to have with their allies.

• *Fixed a bug that caused Poisoned Blades to apply Poison with a 13% chance (intended is 25%) and Infection with a 10% chance (intended is 20%). Both durations have been adjusted to last for 3 seconds.

• Dash no longer removes all slows.

• Daze now applies Expose Vulnerabilities throughout the Stun duration, causing the target to take 6% increased damage from all sources.

• Slap can now proc Poisoned Blades.

• Whirling Knives cooldown increased from 5 to 6 seconds.



Decapitate was simply not rewarding enough, so we’re upping the damage on it. Sprint felt a little too cheesy – Enrage is the intended Unstoppable ability (while having its downsides).

• Decapitate deals 1% additional damage per rage (up from 0.7%).

• Piercing Dagger velocity increased from 1450 to 1550.

• Sprint no longer removes all slows.



• Ritual radius increased from 50 to 60 yards. Amount healed based on max health reduced from 1% to 0.75%.

• Soothe amount healed based on missing health increased from 10% to 12%.



• Exhaustion duration reduced from 10 to 5 seconds. Weaken amount increased from 3% to 5% per tick.



• Blessing of the Sun and Moon amount healed per tick increased from 355 to 376.



• Chaos Wave fear duration reduced from 2.8 to 2.6 seconds.

• Shadow Affinity amount healed increased from 2222 to 2310.

• Spell Breaker shield amount increased from 2310 to 2486.



• Angelic Strike base damage increased from 1106 to 1164. Mana cost reduced from 240 to 235.

• Blazing Slash damage increased from 1025 to 1076. Mana cost reduced from 255 to 240.

• Crusaders Fury base damage increased from 96 to 104.

• Sanctuary radius increased from 50 to 80 yards.

• Wrath of HEaven damage increased from 971 to 1046.



• Basic attack damage increased from 752 to 816.

• Poisonous Shot now applies Poison and Infection for 3 seconds. Energy cost reduced from 50 to 40. Cooldown increased from 0 to 5 seconds.



• Armageddon damage per tick reduced from 1057 to 994.

• Gospel of Harmony base healing increased from 1023 to 1246.

• Truth radius increased from 50 to 80 yards.



Woah, lots of exciting changes to Wizard! A new spell Aganoth’s Descent has joined the book while we’ve adjusted playstyles for Fire and Frost specs! 


Fire’s specialty is relentless damage and AoE control. 

Frost’s specialty is flexible defense with crowd control and burst set-ups/combos.


Fire: we want this playstyle to feel like you’re really throwing flames all over the place and burning down the arena. Aganoth’s Descent and a reworked Volcanic Eruption helps bring us closer to that fantasy. Meteor has also been changed to pack more of a punch and have a more meaningful impact – adding a cast time unlocks its potential for bigger damage while better matching its threatening visual. Lastly, Combust will also add on to the playstyle that lets you continuously Burn and flame enemies to your heart’s content.

Frost: we felt the old combo of Chill -> 3x Magic Missiles didn’t call for much situational decision making and pretty much locked in your next several globals if you chilled an enemy. Instead, we’re reducing the need for spamming one spell by making Frost more combo-based, packing greater rewards. Now Magic Missiles deals additional bonus damage to enemies with Freeze, while also still being potent against Chilled enemies. Keeping in the combo spirit, Ice Spikes now applies Hypothermia which provides a small damage amplification. We see this as a bonus incentive to set-up combos with your other spells and of course, your allies.

Lightning: reworks are in development.

• New Spell Aganoth’s Descent: Calls upon Aganoth to fly towards target enemy, exploding on impact to deal 1197 magic damage in a 16 yard area. Aganoth’s Descent is a guaranteed critical strike and refunds 50% of the casting cost if that enemy was Burning. 6 second cooldown, instant cast, 1000 velocity.

• Combust has been reworked: deals 1136 magic damage to enemies within 16 yards of target that are suffering from Burning. Applies Burning for 4 seconds to enemies that aren’t Burning. 4 second cooldown. Ignores global cooldown.

• Counterspell cooldown reduced from 22 to 20 seconds.

• Fireball velocity increased from 800 to 1000.

• Frostbolt chance to Freeze is doubled on Frosted enemies.

• Ice Spikes applies Freeze to chilled targets for 1.8 seconds. Now also always applies Hypothermia, increasing damage taken from all sources by 4% and applies a 90% fading snare for 3 seconds. Cooldown increased from 14 to 16 seconds.

• Magic Missiles has had its damage components reworked. Chilled enemies still take bonus damage, but it has been lowered. Now deals additional bonus damage to enemies suffering from Freeze. Mana cost increased from 225 to 240.

Now fully implemented: Lightning Strike no longer applies Shock. Now applies Blind and Incapacitate for 1.8 seconds if the target has Shock. Cooldown increased from 5 to 12 seconds.

• Meteor cast time increased from 0 to 1.25 seconds. Damage increased from 897 physical and magical to 997. Now applies Stun for 1.7 seconds. Burning component removed.

• Volcanic Eruption has been reworked: Now erupts 3 times over a 3 second duration. Damage numbers have been retuned. Every eruption deals 736 magic damage, applies Burning for 2 seconds, and also Incapacitates for .2 seconds to enemies that were already Burning.


Minor Changes And Quality Of Life Improvements

• Fixed several incorrect tooltips.

• Spells that ignore global cooldown now display it in gold on the tooltip. (Needs testing: there may be more spells that ignore global cooldown that are not displayed on the tooltip)

• Normalized several buff and debuff names: 

• Frostbolt and Elemental Arrow now apply Chill.

• Flash Freeze and Elemental Arrow now apply Freeze.

• Ice Spikes now applies Hypothermia.


Bug Fixes

• Fixed a bug that caused Poisonous Shot to always apply Infection.

• Lightning Strike has been fully implemented.

• Fixed several incorrect tooltips.

• Fixed a rare bug that caused login server to crash on user disconnect.

• Fixed a rare bug that caused player accounts to persist online after logout.

• Fixed a crash that occurred when switching characters and entering the store.

• Aligned the class icons in the character panel.

• Fixed a black screen flicker on failed login.

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