PTR Patch


New Features

• Automated in-game tournaments are implemented. Teams can view and inspect upcoming tournaments in the E-Sports panel of the Lobby. To register for a tournament you must also be in a party with members of one of your Arena Teams. The default format is as follows:


– Single Elimination.

– First Team to win 5 games advances.

– There are 2 minutes between every game (unless both teams Ready before that). During this time both teams can make any changes to their composition. After 2 minutes both teams are forced into a game.

– Every game is played on a random arena every time (possible to play the same map twice).

– After every game, both teams are sent back to the Lobby and can make any composition changes (winners and losers). Rinse and repeat until a team has won 5 total games.



Balance Changes

• Sudden Death durations have increased from 15 to 20 seconds. The new values are:

Level 1: 25% damage amplification, lasts 20 seconds

Level 2: 35% damage amplification, lasts 20 seconds.

Level 3: 45% damage amplification and 4.5% of maximum health (true damage) every second, lasts until game end.


• The following Area of Effect Zones now tick when created:

Acid Rain, Armageddon, Eye of the Storm, Pool of Souls, Quicksand and Rain of Arrows.


• Fixed a bug that caused Buffs, Debuffs, and Status Ailments to not tick on their interval when reapplied on that same frame. This was most commonly reproduced by Area of Effect Zones that reapplied an Effect every second (ex: Armageddon applying Burning was not dealing Burning damage every tick).




• Shroud cooldown increased from 18 to 22 seconds. Tooltip has been updated to better explain the cleansing mechanic.



Our vision for the class fantasy of Champion is multifold. We want players to be able to customize a solid consistent damage dealer that is able to support its allies. We also want players to be able to customize a relentless attacker that unleashes menacing damage if left unhinged. These playstyles are different and we want to leave that up to the player to decide how they want to customize their spell bar. What we don’t want is a Champion with a spell bar containing only crowd control abilities (Charge, Coward, Crushing Blow, Piercing Dagger, Whirlwind). This is not our vision for the class, and it was restricting how much damage we could give Champion. 

TLDR; We’re reducing some of the CC and as a result, are unlocking the damage potential that the mighty 2-handed sword all Champions wield.

CC Changes:

• Charge no longer interrupts.

• Crushing Blow Stun duration increased from 2.0 to 2.4 seconds.

• Enrage duration lowered from 5 to 4 seconds (this was never implemented in Rage gained on use reduced from 25 to 20.

• Whirlwind has been reworked. Now creates a Whirlwind around the Champion for 3 seconds, dealing 665 physical damage every second to enemies within 22 yards. The Whirlwind moves with the Champion.


Damage buffs:

• Armor Break damage increased from 1057 to 1286. No longer stacks. Now applies a 35% Armor reduction (up from 25%). Duration reduced from 7 to 4 seconds.

• Basic Attack damage increased from 1057 to 1106.

• Slashing Strike damage increased from 1257 to 1404. Rage cost increased from 25 to 30.

• Lacerate damage increased from 1413 to 1554.

• Decapitate damage multiplier reduced from 300% to 250%. This was just doing too much damage at <25%.



• Mending Spirit duration increased from 5 to 7 seconds. Base healing increased from 191 to 229. Bonus healing per tick reduced from 48 to 24.

• Remedy amount healed increased from 423 to 587. Mana cost increased from 225 to 245.

• Revitalize amount healed increased from 1607 to 1978. Mana cost increased from 305 to 415.

• Symbiosis has been reworked. Now heals for 471 every second. The amount healed is reduced by 54 per tick.

• Shapeshift: Spirit Wolf mana cost increased from 85 to 120.

• Ritual radius increase from 60 to 80. Amount of maximum health restored reduced from 2% of missing health to 1%.



• Astral Shock now applies the debuff for 6 seconds if successfully interrupting an ability, otherwise applies it for 3 seconds.

• Divination when used to empower BLessing Sun and Moon increases armor and duration by 20% (in addition to also healing 20% more per tick).

• Divination when used to empower Mana Tap now burns for 20% more mana.

• Divination when used to empower Blackout no longer grants mana equal to the amount of players feared. Now duration increased by 20%.

• Divination when used to empower Temporal Barrier increases the duration by 20% (in addition to also increasing the Shielding by 20%).

• Divination tooltip fix (before said 25% empower when it actually did a 20% empower).

• Light’s Wrath was (and still is) applying Hobble (not in tooltip, updated to include it now). Duration of Shock and Hobble reduced from 3 to 2 seconds.

• Healing Vision mana cost increased from 320 to 340.

• Spirit Form now provides Effect Immunity throughout the duration.



• Infuse amount of Mana refunded increased from 100 to 200.

• Orb of Absolution amount healed increased from 218 to 436.

• Orb of Replenishment cooldown increased from 6 to 8 seconds, duration increased from 6 to 8 seconds. Mana cost increased from 175 to 250.

• Shadow Affinity amount healed increased from 2615 to 2824. Mana cost increased from 320 to 345.

• Karma cooldown increased from 12 to 18 seconds. Duration increased from 2 to 3 seconds.



• Crusader’s Fury was proccing 120 extra damage per stack – that has been fixed (bug fix). 

• Crusader’s Fury now also restores 1% of missing mana after using a damaging ability.

• Heaven’s Guidance was not stacking the healing bonus per cast (bug fix). Because of how incredibly strong this was, the healing bonus has been reduced from 5% to 2% per stack.

• Heaven’s Guidance amount of mana returned reduced from 120 to 60.

• Purify amount healed increased from 366 to 408.

• Stream of Light base amount healed increased from 1571 to 1649.



• Gospel of Harmony base amount healed increased from 1247 to 1413. Amount healed per tick increased from 234 to 303.

• Portal mana cost reduced from 520 to 300.

• Rite of Passage amount healed per tick increased from 295 to 384. Mana cost increased from 135 to 250.

• Transfer Life amount healed increased from 1819 to 1910. Mana cost increased from 335 to 360.

• Transfer Life now hurts you for 8% of current health instead of healing you for the amount (bug fix).

• Truth amount of mana restored increased from 5 (allies) and 10 (self) to 6 and 12 respectively.



• Volcanic Eruption no longer applies a .2 second Incapacitate every eruption, instead applies Burning for 1 second. Damage increased from 736 to 894.


Minor Changes And Quality Of Life Improvements

• You can copy and paste to<->from text fields now.


Bug Fixes

• Fixed a de-sync that occurred when a player used Charge, Crippling Slash, Deaths Grasp, or Empowered Slash on a rooted player.

• Fixed a bug that caused auras to render the duration as 99999. Auras now no longer display their (infinite) duration.

• Critical bugs involving balance are noted in the class sections above.

• You can no longer be invited to an Arena Team if you have no available Team slots.

• Fixed a name display bug when inviting a player that has no available arena team slots.

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