PTR Test 7/18/2020

Minor New Content and Features

• Global cooldown reduced from 1.2 to 1.0 seconds. This should reduce the clunkiness and awkward moments casters sometimes experience between ability usage. We want a fast pace for the game, and think we can achieve it now that the damage numbers are more manageable.

• There is now a glow animation in the lobby when a channel has an unread message, to make it more obvious when there is an ongoing conversation.

• There is now a glow animation in the lobby for party invitations, to make it more visible and obvious for new players.

• Chat no longer has weird indenting from messages.

• Party invitations now also include a server message notification.

• Basic attack now always breaks meditating.

• The in-game spellbar functionality for global cooldown has improved. Before when casting a spell with a cast time less than 1 second the spell bar would appear to be available when the global cooldown was still running. Further improvements so there should no longer display spells as being castable when they are unable to.

• Spell tooltip inaccuracies fixed on some abilities.

• You can now hover over equipped items while in-game in your inventory.


Balance Changes


• Damage slightly lowered on several abilities.

• Daze cooldown increased from 16 to 20 seconds.



• Damage slightly lowered on several abilities.

• Crushing Blow cooldown increased from 16 to 18 seconds.



• Bear Form now increases healing received by 30% (up from 10%). Mana cost reduced from 480 to 430. Deafening Roar reduces Power by 6% (up from 4%) and a 30% Fading Snare. Deafening Roar duration increased from 3 to 6 seconds.

• Mending Spirit mana cost increased from 270 to 280.

• Symbiosis no longer provides a 3% healing amplification.



• Basic attack now restores slightly more mana.

• Malediction now applies a 20% healing reduction.

• Several abilities have had their damage slightly Increased: Abyssal Spike, Torment, Miasma.

• Poison Nova cooldown reduced from 7 to 0 seconds. No longer deals flat damage. This is an experimental change, giving Lich a defensive (and offensive) response when tunneled by heavy melee. Poison Nova will allow the Lich to gain active survivability at the expense of Mana while letting out some pressure.



• New Spell Cosmic Infusion Now castable on allies. Increases Magic Damage and Healing done by 12% for 8 seconds.

• Lights Wrath cooldown decreased from 4 to 0 seconds. No longer applies Hobble. Shock duration reduced from 2 to 1 second. Damage reduced slightly.

• Divination amount of mana refunded is now 125% down from 200%.

• Dream of Prosperity now bounces on receiving a running damage total greater than 500, up from 0. The damage is accumulative, so two separate ticks of 300 damage will cause the Dream to proc one time.

• Healing Vision mana cost increased from 340 to 370

• Life Stream healing amplifier reduced from 65% to 50%

• Spirit Form cooldown increased from 32 to 45 seconds.

• Temporal Barrier amount absorbed reduced by 9%.



• Dark Inoculation now restores 0.5% of maximum Mana every second.

• Gloom now applies a 10% healing reduction per stack. Damage amplification increased from 2% to 3%.

• Karma damage increased slightly.



• New Spell: Glimmer of Light: 150 Mana, 0.5 second cast, 0 cooldown. Heals target ally for a small amount. Critical heals with Glimmer of Light cause an Enlightenment, making your next Divine Light to be a guaranteed Critical Strike and refund the casting cost.

• Divine Light no longer restores 60 Mana from Seal of the Heavens.

• Seal of the Heavens now works with Glimmer of Light.

• Both Seals now last 30 seconds (up from 15) and have had their cooldowns increased from 15 to 30 seconds. Seals cannot be dispelled.



• All projectiles have had their velocity increased by approximately 30%



• Transfer Life amount healed slightly increased.

• Truth now restores 10 mp/s to allies and 20 mp/s to self (up from 7 and 14).



• Basic attack now restores slightly more mana.

• Hypothermia now applies a 20% healing reduction.


Bug Fixes

• Fixed a bug that caused player actions (movement and ability usage) to be stuck.

• Fixed a bug that caused spell cooldowns to reset with the new self interrupt.

• Fixed a bug in the lobby when right clicking channel players that was causing the menu to be rendered at incorrect positions.

• Fixed some hovering issues with items.

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