PTR Test 7/25/2020

Major New Content and Features

• Items now have a Sell Value to a vendor. (Right click to sell, with the Vendor page open)

• There is now a loot bag cursor displayed when the sell feature is available.

• Buyback of your last sold item is now available at Adali.

• Items now display a Star to indicate the Item Tier of the Base. For example, all level 1 items are Tier 1 base so they will display 1 star.

• There is now an item glow on hovered items for the equipment slot on which it can be equipped to.

• Added Sudden Death visuals and sound effect.

• Chat now maintains and reconstructs message history so messages sent during a game or while in the lobby are not lost when transitioning to a new screen.


Minor New Content and Features

• Cleaned up a lot of interface elements and added polish. Some elements were rendering on the incorrect layer or through other UI elements.

• New Item keybinds: Right click to equip/unequip an item from Inventory or Stash. If the Vendor is open, Right click will sell the item.

• Quickly move items from Stash to Inventory (or vice versa) with Shift + Right click.

• Hovering over Trinket of Resolve in-game now displays a tooltip.

• Poisons are now included on all Assassin Weapons – always 30% chance to proc.

• Feedback added on items now inform the player that you cannot equip items in the middle of a game.

• Inventory now displays more accurate stats (hovering over specific attributes coming soon).


Balance Changes

• Plate classes had slightly lower armor than intended. The armor values for Champion and Paladin have slightly increased.



• New Ability Envenom: 20 Energy, 5 second cooldown. Attack that deals 568 damage and instantly applies your Weapon Poisons (Infection and Poison) and Hobbles for 2 seconds. Generates 1 Combo Point. Deals an additional 10% damage for each instance of Infection and Poisoned. Ignores global cooldown.

• Basic attack damage lowered.

• Slash has been reworked: now spends all combo points to deal instant burst damage.

• Annihilate damage lowered slightly.

• Puncture duration increased from 6 to 10 seconds. Damage per tick reduced to compensate.



• Revitalize mana cost reduced from 370 to 360.



• Divination mana gain reverted back to 200%.

• Healing Vision Mana cost reduced from 370 to 355.

• Temporal Barrier amount shielded increased by 4%.



• Infuse cooldown reduced from 6 to 3 seconds. Now ignores global cooldown.

• Spell Breaker now works.



• Glimmer of Light causes Enlightenment to make your next Divine Light also heal for 10% more.

• Divine Light amount healed reduced slightly.

• Stream of Light amount healed reduced slightly.



• Aether Shot cooldown increased from 10 to 14 seconds.

• Damage slightly reduced on several abilities.

• Nightmare Shot cooldown increased from 16 to 18 seconds.



• Transfer life amount healed reduced slightly.



• Fireball mana reduced from 280 to 250.


Bug Fixes

• Fixed a bug that caused some server feedback chat messages to not be displayed.

• Fixed a bug that caused the Party chat to be filled with ‘invisible’ message notifications.

• Fixed a bug that caused players to drop additional items if they left the game.

• Fixed a bug that caused deleted characters to still appear as a player in the world channel.

• The X button on Adali now closes the Vendor.

• Fixed a bug that caused right clicking channel players to display the pop-up notification off-screen.


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