PTR Test 8/8/2020

Major New Content and Features

Ability Essence is a new soulbound currency that is used exclusively for unlocking abilities in the Spell Book. Ability Essence will soon be available to obtain through leveling up your character and for participating in games.

• The store now has scroll bars in the catalog of each section.

• Store backend fully implemented (still disabled during testing)

• Analytics and statistics tracking implemented server side (tracking played time, and soon champion data)


Minor New Content and Features

• The victory and defeat sounds now end gracefully instead of abruptly.


Balance Changes

• Defensive dispel cooldowns increased by approximately 20%. Some classes are affected more by this to bring their defensive dispel cooldowns closer to parity.



• Envenom damage reduced slightly.



New Spell Safeguard: Applies Safeguard to target ally for 3 seconds. If used on an ally other than yourself, Charge towards them. You gain 15 Rage. Cannot be used while Rooted. Safeguard: Decreases damage taken by 40% and increases Movement Speed by 15% 



• Bear Form healing multiplier reduced from 30% to 10%. Mana cost increased from 430 to 480.

• Mending Spirit duration reduced from 7 to 6 seconds.



• Underworld Armor now restores mana equal to 0.25% of your maximum health every second.



• Fixed a bug that caused Divination to not restore the intended amount of Mana.



• Infuse is no longer off global cooldown. Now does different things based on current placed Orbs.

Orb of Absolution: Dispels 1 negative Effect from your target.

Orb of Replenishment: Heal bonus to target.

Orb of Smoke: Increases movement speed by 15% for 3 seconds.

Orb of Wisdom: restores 100 mana to target.



• Gospel of Harmony heal over time component reduced by ~15%.

• Rite of Passage is now on global cooldown. No longer provides healing. Cooldown increased from 18 to 20 seconds.



• Chilling Armor now restores 0.5% mana every second.

• Frostbolt mana cost reduced from 225 to 200.

• Magic Missiles now deals double damage against Chilled enemies. If frozen, then instead deals triple damage.

• Meteor cast range increased from 80 to 100 yards.

• Runic Shield now restores Mana equal to 2% of the Wizard’s maximum Mana when expiring naturally.


Bug Fixes

• Fixed a bug that caused Envenom to not break Stealth.

• Fixed a bug that caused Puncture to be dispellable.

• Fixed a bug that caused Seals to be dispelable.

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