QA Test 3/15/2020


• Sheepify cooldown reduced from 16 to 10 seconds.

• Eye of the Storm cooldown increased from 11 to 16 seconds. 

• Counterspell no longer Silences if the target was not casting.

COMING SOON • Frostbolt now applies Freeze for 1 second to any Chilled target. Now has a 50% increased chance to Critically Strike against Frozen enemies.

COMING SOON • Magic Missiles no longer deals bonus damage to Chilled enemies. Now deals triple damage and has a 50% increased chance to Critically Strike against Frozen enemies.


Minor Changes And Quality Of Life Improvements

• The old Resilience attribute has been moved to Tenacity. Chilling Armor, Resounding Warcry, Spirit Wolf, Underworld Armor tooltips have been updated to new Tenacity values.

• Loot reservation is now displayed in chat.

• Health Regeneration is no longer based on Max Health.

• Mana Regeneration is no longer based on Max Mana.


Bug Fixes

• Fixed a bug that prevented the unlocking of Spells and Profile content.

• Fixed a bug that allowed you to equip items on other slots.

• Fixed a bug that prevented players from looting items.

• Fixed a bug that made all items appear lootable.

• Fixed a bug that caused items to appear as a black box after a game.

• Gear numbers have been drastically updated to be more significant. Beta homogenized base numbers have been reduced significantly (ex: all Classes had 813 base Power, now they have 0 and it can now be obtained on gear).

• Starter gear is now provided on all classes.

• Most attributes are now functional. Current status:

  • (working)Agility

  • (working)Armor

  • (working)Critical Chance

  • (working)Health

  • (working)HP5

  • (not working) Increased Rarity

  • (working)Intelligence

  • (working)Life Steal

  • (working)Magic Resist

  • (working)Mana

  • (working)MP5

  • (working)Power

  • (working)Resilience reduces the potency of Mana Burns and Critical Strikes.

  • (not working) Sockets

  • (working)Strength

  • (working)Tenacity reduces damage taken while Crowd Controlled.

  • (working)Wisdom


Fixed several long-standing issues with Lifesteal that was causing it to be disabled. Now fully implemented and functional (also now works with +%healing amplification). 


  • The Lifesteal component on Orb of Smoke has been re-enabled. 

  • The Lifesteal component on Shadow Affinity has been re-enabled.

  • Sacrificial abilities no longer benefit from Lifesteal.

  • No longer heals enemies.

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