QA Test 3/22/2020

Balance Changes

• Interrupts no longer incur the spell’s cooldown when interrupted. Interrupts now apply a short cooldown on spells that have cooldown. See each interrupt below for interrupt length. Spells such as Holy Nova went on a 45 second cooldown when interrupted which was too extreme. Healers that rely on casting direct heals to keep their allies alive would be too vulnerable to interrupts if those spells went on a several (3-5) second cooldown when interrupted. The new solution is to still apply a short silence when interrupted (1.5-3 seconds depending on the interrupt) plus a short additional cooldown added if the spell has a cooldown. 

Example case 1: Slap will now apply a 1.5 second Silence and a 3 second interrupt. If Slap is used on Holy Nova, the Paladin would be Silenced for 1.5 seconds and have Holy Nova locked for 3 seconds.

EXample case 2: If Slap is used on Divine Light, the Paladin would be silenced for 1.5 seconds and Divine Light would not be locked any additional time.



NEW FEATURE: When Stealthed for 3 seconds without dealing direct damage causes you to leave Combat. When out of Combat and in Stealth, some abilities are additionally empowered.

Combo Points now only show for allies.

Quality of Life improvement: Stealth no longer sends Combo Point Combat Text updates when you are at maximum Combo Points.

• Annihilate deals an additional 20% damage when used in Stealth out of Combat.

• Daze when used in Stealth out of Combat increases Stun duration by 10% and also applies Expose Vulnerabilities. Expose Vulnerabilities amplify increased from 6% to 8%, duration now always 4 seconds. Daze duration now increases by 0.3 seconds for every Combo Point spent.

• Temple Strike no longer costs a variable additional amount of Energy. When used in Stealth out of Combat does not break Stealth. Now generates 1 Combo Point.

• Puncture now also applies a 1-2 second Silence when used in Stealth out of Combat.

• Shadow Walk now applies 1 Combo Point when used on enemies.

• Slash when used in Stealth out of Combat causes a Double Strike.

• Slap now interrupts for 2.5 seconds. No longer Blinds when interrupted.

• Whirling Knives can be used while Stealthed but causes you to enter Combat if damage was dealt.



• Piercing Dagger now interrupts for 2.5 seconds.



• Depravity now Interrupts for 3 seconds.



• Spirit Form now also heals all allies within 20 yards for 12% (down from 15%) of missing health upon expiration.

• Astral Shock now Interrupts for 2.5 seconds.



• New Spell: Shatter Magic (Lich still has this)

• Lingering Demise is no longer dispellable.



• Basic Attack now heals the party only when Seal of The Heavens is active.



• Silencing Shot now Silences for 2 seconds (bugfix down from 2.5) and Interrupts for 3 seconds.



• Portal now Interrupts for 2 seconds.



• Counterspell now Interrupts for 3 seconds.

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