QA Test 4/4/2020

New Features

Stash has been implemented, Click the big bag in the top right corner of the Lobby to open it.


Trading has been implemented. The command to open a trade request is /trade character


A Mysterious vendor, Adali has appeared! To purchase items from him click the NPC icon in the top left.


Character Experience and Leveling is now tracked. Max level is 20.


Balance Changes

All Classes now have two Primary Class Attributes.

• Assassin: Agility+Strength

• Champion: Strength+Agility

• Elder: Wisdom+Agility

• Lich: Intelligence+Wisdom

• Mystic: Wisdom+Intelligence

• Nihilist: Intelligence+Strength

• Paladin: Strength+Wisdom

• Ranger: Agility+Strength

• Scholar: Wisdom+Intelligence

• Wizard: Intelligence+Wisdom


Class Attributes now grants Power only if it is a Primary Attribute of your Class. Otherwise, the attribute will provide the other bonuses listed below always.

Strength: 1 point provides 0.15 Power (if Primary), 3 Health

AGILITY: 1 point provides 0.125 Power (if Primary), 0.15 Armor, 0.2 Crit.

INTELLIGENCE: 1 point provides 0.125 Power (if Primary), 0.15 Magic Resist, 1 Mana, 0.2 Crit.

WISDOM: 1 point provides 0.15 Power (if Primary), 2 Mana, 0.1 MP5.



• Basic attack no longer Stuns when used out of Stealth.



• New ability: Shapeshift Bear.



• Vigor now also provides immunity to Crowd Control.

• Aether Shot burn amount reduced from 55 to 25.


Bug Fixes

• Karma is no longer displayed as a buff.


• Fixed a bug that caused Orb of Wisdom to provide less mana on the last tick than intended.

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