QA Test 4/5/2020

Balance Changes



• Dash cooldown increased from 9 to 18 seconds. Energy gained per tick increased from 4 to 5.

• Shroud has been reworked. No longer provides immunity to crowd control, no longer dispels, etc. Now reduces all damage taken by 90% for 2 seconds. Cooldown reduced from 35 to 20 seconds.

• Slap cooldown increased from 14 to 16 seconds.

• Murderous Instincts bonus crit chance reduced from 100% to 50%. (With items, people have higher base crit chance, this change should normalize it a bit)



• Armor Break has been changed to Disrupting Blade, a melee interrupt.

• Crushing Blow cooldown increased from 15 to 16 seconds.

• Enrage no longer provides crowd control immunity.

• Sprint no longer removes all slows.

• Piercing Dagger is disabled (rework coming).



• Spirit Wolf no longer provides Armor and Tenacity. Now reduces Magic Damage taken by 10% and restores 1% of missing Mana every second while Shapeshifted.

• Shapeshift Bear now provides 333 Tenacity and restores 2% of missing Health every second. When Shapeshifting now applies Deafening Roar to all nearby enemies for 3 seconds, reducing Power by 4%.

• Grasping Vines always roots for 3 seconds (tooltip bug).

• Grasping Vines is now also applied to all enemies near your target.



• Malediction duration increased from 4 to 6 seconds.



• Aegis damage reduction increased from 10% to 20%.

• Temporal Barrier now applies Slow Time (60% fading snare) to all nearby enemies for 3 seconds when destroyed by damage.

• Blackout now also applies Amnesia to enemies for 7 seconds, reducing Power by 12%.



• Lingering Demise no longer fears.



• Stream of Light Mana cost reduced from 300 to 280.

• Holy Nova: Now also applies Blind if you have Seal of the Crusader active. Now returns 75 Mana for each ally or enemy hit with Steal of the Heavens active.

• Prudence: Now applies a 1 second Incapacitate if you have Seal of the Crusader active. Now also returns 175 Mana to you with Seal of the Heavens active.

• Valor charges increased from 3 to 9.



• Twisting Shot now applies Hobble for 2 seconds.

• Vigor now also provides immunity to Crowd Control. Cooldown increased from 11 to 14 seconds.



• Crystallize now also restores 40% of missing Mana.


Bug Fixes

• Fixed a bug with Trading that made items not moveable in your inventory after trading.

• Fixed a bug that caused Karma and Astral Shock to not be dispellable.

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