Patch v1.0.5.0 Notes

v1.0.5.0 Fixes:

1006R Disconnect: Added networking improvements to reduce this common error. We’re continuing to monitor this.

“Stuck in game”: Added protection against this common issue that has required Mods to manually fix user accounts.

Tutorial no longer displays EXP gains (this was just a visual bug and didn’t actually grant any EXP – so if you lost EXP that is why).

Items looted in-game with a full inventory are now automatically delivered to your Stash (requires having a Stash Tab).

Fixed a rare issue where characters were being deleted with the wrong entity.

Adjusted Auto Mod’s autoban system to temp ban for 5 minutes.

Several client stability improvements thanks to your #crashlogs.


Balance Changes


Bandage cooldown reduced from 10 to 8 seconds.

Dash cooldown reduced from 16 to 14 seconds.

Disappearing Act cooldown reduced from 35 to 30 seconds.

Shroud healing received increased from 25% to 30%.

Stealth cooldown reduced from 20 to 18 seconds.

Temple Strike energy cost reduced from 35 to 30.

Whirling Knives energy cost reduced from 50 to 40. Cooldown reduced from 6 to 5 seconds.



• Basic attack damage reduced by 5%.

• Crippling slash damage reduced by 5%

• Decapitate damage increased by 4%.

• Enduring Warcry cooldown increased from 15 to 16 seconds.

• Intimidation armor penetration increased from 14% to 18%.

• Resounding Warcry cooldown reduced from 45 to 35 seconds.

• Safeguard cooldown reduced from 25 to 22 seconds.



• Mending Spirit damage reduction per stack reduced from 3% to 2%. Healing per tick reduced by 2%. Mana cost increased from 200 to 210.

• (We know you can’t exit Bear form when on low mana).

• Fixed a game breaking bug with Elder being Disenchanted while Shapeshifted. Your Shapeshift form can never be dispelled now.



• Acid Rain damage per tick increased by 4%.

• Miasma amplify damage from all sources reduced by around 10 damage.

• Underworld Armor health and mana restored per tick increased from .25% to .5%.



• Lingering Demise execute range reduced from 25% to 20%.

• Orb of Smoke damage reduction reduced from 10% to 8%.



• Angelic Strike damage increased by 3%.

• Divine Light base healing increased by 3%.

• Glimmer of Light healing increased by 5%.

• Stream of Light base healing increased by 2%.

• Fixed a bug with Prudence increasing the target’s Magic Resist. Temporarily disabled the Magic Resist component of the spell.



• Elemental Arrow damage increased by 3%.

• Mark of Death vulnerability increased from 6% to 8%.

• Poisonous Shot duration of Poison and Infection increased from 2 to 3 seconds.

• Rejuvenation Potion cooldown reduced from 30 to 28 seconds.

• Twisting Shot damage increased by 4%.



• Armageddon damage per tick reduced by 5%.

• Gospel of Defiance damage reduction increased from 10% to 15%.

• Portal duration increased from 16 to 18 seconds.



• Fireball damage reduced by 2%.

• Frostbolt Chill duration reduced from 3 to 2 seconds.

• Ice Spikes damage reduced by 4%.

• Lightning Strike cooldown reduced from 16 to 15 seconds. Damage increased by 5%.

• Shock Nova changes: cooldown has been reduced back to 0 seconds. No longer deals bonus damage if Shocked. Damage lowered slightly.

• Teleport mana cost increased from 200 to 250. 

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